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The Parable of the SFC ($hitty First Coat)

Rebecca Rosario



Some of my earliest memories were of my Dad teaching me lessons while we were "doing". As a little human I remember him sharing valuable lessons while we pulled weeds in the yard. He would tell me, "to get a hold of anything and make a difference you have to make sure you can get to the root". He would apply it to the health of the garden, the health of my heart or conflict resolution, just to name a few.

These lessons would transform as I grew. We would organize his closet together and he'd find some deep parallel having to do with the hangers being in the same direction or how I erased my math homework. It was comical at times.

This way of teaching through storytelling is not new. It has roots in the Jewish tradition and continues today. The Rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth taught this way as well, and they are documented in the New Testament as Parables which means "story with a spiritual lesson".

When Christine and I started doing 2 Mom's work, my brain would be firing with life parallels and lessons as I worked.

The Parable of the SFC

In her book Dare To Lead, shame and empathy researcher Dr. Brenè Brown writes about a "shitty first draft" when writing your story, You have to get those initial thoughts onto a piece of paper to know what your are dealing with, what you need to wrestle with and how you are going to move forward (Brown, 2021) It is NEVER pretty.

As of late we have been doing so many painting jobs! We really enjoy them, but what I have learned is that the first coat of paint always looks like shit. If we haven't done the proper stage setting with our clients they will share concerns immediately. If we get caught up in the first coat, it will cause us to doubt our abilities, not enjoy the process and have the client lose confidence in us.

Our first time doing anything is going to be messy. We need to know that. We need to lovingly remind each other of that. Knowing that empowers us, knowing that allows us to begin. It's scary, it's messy, but there is no way to find the beauty at the end unless we see it through.

What are we afraid to start because of the fear of the sfc? What would it look like if we gave ourselves the permission to be in our sfc's (or second, or third, wink wink)

Here are some of our SFC's for you to enjoy!


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